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Event Hosting & Moderation

In a nutshell, a moderator is the interviewer during a live panel discussion — whether at a conference or corporate event. It’s the one who “mediates” and leads the conversation by:

  1.    Instigating the controversial questions the audience wants to hear

  2.    Making sure everyone gets their fair share of talking time 

  3.    Ensuring the conversation stays topical, dynamic, and worthwhile for the audience


Television journalists tend to be the best event moderators. After all, their role is pretty much the same. Arianne is known for keeping conversations concise and to the point, whether it is at a virtual or in-person event. She will leave the audience wanting more, and looking forward to coming back. 

Keep scrolling to see some of the biggest events Arianne has participated in. 

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Viva Technology 

Viva Tech is the largest technology event in Europe, and in 2023, it became the largest in the world. Arianne led the main stage as an MC and panel moderator for the 3 first days of the summit. 

Watches and Wonders 

Held annually, Watches & Wonders is the largest watchmaking summit in the world. Over the course of one week, brands, representatives, retailers, and executives from across the globe gather in one place to discuss the future of the industry and unveil the latest ground-breaking novelties. Arianne has served as the host of the event's "Late Show," and lead reporter on the "Morning Show," a news-style program airing daily on Youtube during the event's week.

Geneva Health Forum 

A 3-day internationally renowned event that gathers health and political actors from all over the world to find solutions to global health challenges. Arianne was appointed as the main moderator for 10+ panels. 

World Heart Summit

 A 2-day congress aiming to bring cardiovascular disease to the top of global agendas. Arianne was appointed as the lead event moderator of 5 panels. 

UEFA Congress 

Arianne was selected as the female host of a news-style video that was showcased in cinema format at the 2022 UEFA Congress held in Vienna, the annual meeting of Europe’s football parliament.

Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse is a leading investment bank in Switzerland that hosts regular events for its premium clients, inviting politicians and CEOs of multinationals to analyze future outlooks in the world of finance, health, tech, sustainability and economy. Arianne has been the go-to moderator for these high-profile events. 

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