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MAVA Foundation's legacy on Green Economy
MAVA Foundation

Oliver Greenfield and Holger Schmid give their take on how the MAVA Foundation catalyzed the global green economy movement. After almost three decades of biodiversity impact, the MAVA Foundation closed its doors. The Swiss initiative, created by the heirs of the multinational pharmaceutical "Roche," had partnered with 500+ organizations and funded 1,500+ nature conservation projects in West Africa, the Mediterranean and Switzerland.

Reimagining Air Travel
Produced independently

A Swedish company is reinventing the way we fly, by manufacturing the world's first certified electric plane. It flew in Switzerland for the first time after receiving the credentials, and Arianne was there to try it out!

This is how Millennials Drive the Alcohol Market 
Swissquote and CNN Money Switzerland

Learn how the big players in the alcohol industry are keeping up with the growing
local competition.

Swiss Private Banking Facing Uncertain Future
KPMG and CNN Money Switzerland

The private banking industry in Switzerland has faced vital challenges in the past decade —which has resulted in dozens of banks exiting the market in an accelerated rate. KPMG explain the biggest adversity that most private banks are enduring, and the drastic changes that should be implemented from within to survive in the industry.

Unlocking the Power of Data to Reinvent Wellness
EY and CNN Money Switzerland

From smart pills to big data: Tech is coming with an unstoppable force in 2020, revolutionizing health and wellness. 

The Next Big Thing: Boutique Co-Working Spaces
Produced independently

Barbara and Orlando moved to Miami this year with the hopes of launching an innovative co-working space, when the city suddenly became the hotspot of coronavirus. But their commitment to "GROU" is reinventing the whole co-working space concept. They are not only determined to keep people safe, but they are also helping new local businesses succeed with them.

The Car Industry: Go Green or Go Home
Swissquote and CNN Money Switzerland

Manufacturers no longer have a choice. European and Chinese new environmental regulations are forcing the automotive industry to produce and sell electric vehicles in an accelerated rate. The question now is: without enough charging infrastructure in most countries, will consumers actually buy these cars at the same pace?

How Great is the Working Life in Switzerland?
EY and CNN Money Switzerland

In general, people in Switzerland have an excellent quality of working life, and not necessarily because of their paychecks! An EY survey explains why, but it also highlights some concerns for the future.

Oman's Path to Sustainability
OMAN LNG and CNN Money Switzerland

One Arab country is revamping the energy industry and moving away from oil. The CEO of OMAN LNG explains how a cleaner alternative is diversifying the country's economy, creating new jobs, and targeting more customers worldwide.

Investing in Swiss Real Estate
KPMG and CNN Money Switzerland

KPMG surveyed investors and experts all over the country to analyse the development of the real estate market. Prices are expected to increase in the preferred sectors and destinations, and new stricter regulations may pose some concerns for the coming year.

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